Springtide is a love story about life’s journey, spirit, childhood, homecoming, remembrance, legacy, romantic love, and family. My goal as director is to create something of substance, beauty and emotional resonance. A film that is uplifting and life affirming.

Our romantic leads are Jack, a successful investment banker whose life has taken an unexpected turn, and Natalie, a frustrated artist who works a day job as a whale watching tour guide. Their relationship appears to be fateful or preternaturally determined, as their respective personal journeys coincide, and then run parallel in separate locations until they are reunited.

Jack has been to the right schools, wears the right clothes, possesses a high net worth network, and a fiancée who is climbing the same golden ladder. But Jack feels a gnawing emptiness; his life is soul – less. When he is marooned in Victoria, he re-discovers a time in his life when he was authentically happy, and uncovers what his true definition of “home” is. His desire for real, human connection, love, and family are palpable.

Natalie, a talented artist, suffers from emotional paralysis, and an inability to trust because of a past heartbreak. When the creative floodgates open through the combination of unlocking her untrusting heart, and her fantasy of worldly success becomes a reality, she realizes she’s had everything all along. What she discovers, leads her back to the simpler life on the water in Victoria, to her authentic self, and to Jack, who she realizes is worthy of her trust.

Imagine three worlds symbolizing the three parts of the human brain forming a trine of mind, body and spirit reflected within them. 1) The concrete jungle and reptilian survival 2) the prairie: mammalian attachment, bread and earth 3) the ocean: water as spirit.

Feel the claustrophobia of a life in Manhattan, where skyscrapers, depending on one’s frame of mind, can seem like massive jail cell bars, and a feeling of exhalation when experiencing the breadth and depth of the ocean, and waves undulating, in an endless caress of swells and expansion. The Rocky Mountains that symbolize the peaks and valleys of a life lived, and the serene beauty found in the giant sky of a prairie landscape. Travel along with Natalie and Jack on their road trip adventure, crash a Ukrainian wedding and witness Jack and Natalie reclaiming their lives and identities. See them in turn rebuilding physically and symbolically. Jack, through the renovation of his grandparents’ house, and Natalie, while she paints her canvasses in Brooklyn.

Music will be an important element, another character supporting the plot. Springtide will have a wonderful original score of lively and heart-rending melodies, and a carefully curated soundtrack of songs from different eras and genres woven together seamlessly to highlight love’s universality and timelessness.

Imagine a journey of a lifetime. Imagine SPRINGTIDE.