For experienced investors looking for better than average returns, independent feature film can be an attractive investment option.

Witness the astonishing success of low-budget films including “The Blair Witch Project” ($141 million domestic box office) and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding ($241 million domestic box office).

Independent feature films can vary widely in budget, from 30 thousand dollars to multi million dollar efforts. What they share, regardless of budget, is that they are financed by any source other than a major Hollywood studio. Freed from a need to produce “stick to the formula”, high overhead, high cost vehicles, independent films are able to give greater attention to crafting and producing lower budget, intelligent dramas and comedies. Some examples include: Napoleon Dynamite, Little Miss Sunshine, Garden State, Juno, Slumdog Millionaire, Crash, and the more recent successes of Academy Award winning ROOM, and nominee, BROOKLYN.

SPRINGTIDE MOVIE INC. (The “Production Company”) is engaged in the development, production and financing of a motion picture film for theatrical release, “Springtide”. Our goal is to produce a story-driven feature with mainstream appeal on a limited and controlled budget currently calculated at CDN 4 million with a projected 1.1 returned via Tax Credit Allowance.

The investment opportunity in Springtide is intended to provide the potential for worthwhile attractive returns to investors with no interest in films or the film industry, but for those who do have an interest, an investment in Springtide provides the experience to share in the creativity, and glamour inherent in the industry.

With the majority of filming taking place in Alberta, Springtide may be especially attractive to investors who take pride in our province, and Ukrainian Canadian culture.  But regardless of one’s ancestry, the message of love, home and family are universal. For investors especially interested in the prospect of aiding the diversification of Alberta’s economy, this is the right opportunity at the right time.